Dstar – Εφαρμογές προγράμματα

Εφαρμογές -Προγράμματα

programm platform – OS mode info from
D-RATS multi DV messaging – chat – winlink/email gateway – file transfer – GPs pos ACES
D-starLet multi – Java DV text messaging AE7Q
D-starCom multi – command-line-based DV icom radio commands & memo AE7Q
D-starTerm multi – Java DV monitor & terminal for icom radios AE7Q
D-PRS infce windows – .Net 2.0 DV send DPRS data to an Igate APRS AE5PL
d*Chat windows DV keyboard to keyboard chating
Dstar Comms windows DV test msg, – Email – PM – GPS tracker & bcn – Matthew
DStar TV
windows – .Net 3.5 DD Slowscan TV for ID-1 GM7HHB
D-term windows DV chat etc DG1HT

INFO – Tools

D-STARusers WEB latest Dtar users & reporting Node, Repeater Directory etc
D-PRS stations WEB latest dprs mobile / portables
jFindu Dstar WEB Dstar Repeaters on map
D-star Calculator WEB help to set yr radio calls and RPTx

οι ίδιες ή άλλες εφαρμογές www.dstarinfo.com/applications.aspx

Μενού σελίδων για το D-Star              .

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